The Scale of the Universe

Scale of the universe 1

How big is a strange quark, compared to the Rotten Egg Nebula? How big is the total human weight, compared to the sun?

These are questions you may never have asked — indeed, their answers are perhaps of dubious value — but I bet you’re still curious…

You can find out all this and more in this mind-warping online visualisation: The Scale of the Universe

The scale of the universe in either direction is such an incomprehensible and amazing matter we rarely have the courage to tackle it even here on Amazing Stuff, but this Flash-based creation by mathematical Flash artists (as they might be described), the Huang twins, will put things into perspective like nothing you’ve ever seen. In a few seconds, you can zooming from the scale of a string (1 planck length, or 0.0000000001 yoctometres), past the size of an average American house, right out to 1027 metres, the size of…  Well, you’ll just have to go and see…

The Scale of the Universe

Via BoingBoing
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Scale of the universe 2

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