Amazing London bike couriers

If you have spent any significant time in London, New York, Tokyo or Sydney, you can’t help but notice them. With their barking radios, three-quarter length jeans and enormous backpacks, they buzz around the city centre like mosquitoes. They are the consummate professional, dedicated to getting the job done in the quickest time, with a flagrant disregard for their own safety. Your red light is their green, your pavement is their road, your stop is their go – nowhere is off limits. Who are they? Bicycle couriers of course.

Bicycle couriers have been used for over 150 years in central business districts worldwide. Once the staple method for transporting letters and packages, now couriers tend to transport disks, memory sticks and confidential papers across cities. Despite the advent of facsimile, the internet, and high-speed broadband, couriers have survived, and are more popular now than ever before. does not condone the practices shown in this video, however, a certain amount of respect must be shown to these warriors of the street.

Vid via fletch27

Pics via Wikipedia

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