Disney Royal Wedding

If you are a girl, you have watched it, over and over again, and if you are a boy, you have probably been subjected to it by your own evil sister. Disney’s 1950 animated film Cinderella is the quintessence of the rags to riches story and while the new Duchess of Cornwall’s lineage has been the cause of fierce debate, who knew her likeness to Cinderella could be so striking?

Kate’s new wicked stepsisters Eugeine and Beatrice also seem to have adhered to the classic cartoon – their controversial dresses are almost an mirror image to Disney’s pictures. 61 years after it’s inception, one wonders what else Walt Disney may have prophesied in his umpteen films…

N.B. We realise that there’s a bit of Photoshop foolery going on here (see source), but we got carried away by the fantasy of Walt Disney as the new technicolour Nostradamus. We promise everything else on Amazing Stuff is real amazing stuff!

Pic from Anglophenia

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