Flying balloon house

Flying balloon house

Rising fuel prices getting you down? Why not take off somewhere nice, in sustainable fashion, by tying balloons to your house? Yes, the dream is now a reality.

As part of the National Geographic series How Hard Can It Be?, a team of scientists, engineers and balloonists set out to recreate the flying balloon house that stars in Disney-Pixar’s animated film Up. And they did it (although it turns out it’s pretty hard)! Using 300 helium weather balloons, they managed to fly the specially-constructed house – with a crew inside – to an altitude of 10,000 feet! In so doing, the team set a new world record for the largest cluster balloon flight.

Disney-Pixar 'Up'
Image from the film ‘Up’

The National Geographic flying balloon house was launched from a private airfield near Los Angeles. If you fancy trying this with your own house, you’ll need to leave your furniture with a friend or relative, detach your house from its foundations and make sure it isn’t made of bricks. Or you could just do it in an armchair like this gentleman.

Video via National Geographic. Pics via Afterwit and SpotCoolStuff

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