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Amazing Stuff is all about celebrating all the best stuff in the world, so we usually like to interpret ‘amazing’ in the positive sense. For that reason, we might normally prefer not to dwell on the utter devastation of disasters the Japanese tsunami and the recent American tornadoes, even though these often produce some amazing videos.

However, we have discovered a mysterious aspect to the recent tornadoes that we think can’t really be ignored: looking at some of the footage, we see mysterious images in these swirling clouds of destruction. Is it a code? A message from God? A revelation of some deeper mathematical truth?

Whatever the underlying reason for this amazing phenomenon, we have found some tornado videos where you can clearly see order emerging from chaos. Take a look at the following video:

Here is what we have found (use the video times in the screenshots to find them all yourself):

Image 1 – Royal kiss in tornado

Kate's kiss in tornado

What makes this image so amazing is that the Royal Wedding and the tornadoes have been the two major news headlines for the past few days. Unlike the recent PR hoax which involved Kate’s image being ‘discovered’ on a Jelly Bean, this is no fake: you can clearly see the above image of Kate Middleton’s kissing face appear fleetingly in the video at 0:14.

This is genuinely the spitting image of Kate Middleton mid-kiss, in a swirling tornado that happened only ten days ago! Although William is missing from the tornado portrait, you can clearly make out the curve of Kate’s chin in profile, her eye, nose and forehead – even the veil over her hair and the slight crease coming down from the side of her mouth as she pouts. Or does she look a bit sad?

Also interesting is the presence of a Chevron petrol station sign. Does this mean that William is going to be promoted to Sergeant soon and get his chevron stripes? Does the red and blue in the sign symbolise the ‘blue blood’ (royal blood) that Kate has just acquired? Looking at the larger image, you can also see a question mark shape just below Kate’s image. Is she having doubts? Or maybe we aren’t sure if the marriage will last?

Image 2 – Code word

Code in tornado

Or is the question mark part of a larger code? Less than a minute later in the same video, you can clearly see the letters ‘A’ and double ‘L’ emerge in rapid sequence. ‘All?’ What does it mean? Is it a reference to the state code ‘AL – Alabama’, one of the states worst hit by the storms? Or are there other letters elsewhere in the tornadoes? Leave a comment if you find any!

Image 2 – Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson in tornado

Britain’s most dangerous and eccentric prisoner has a distinctive look, and you can make out his trademark moustache and round glasses (the lighter circles just above the moustache). Not a fine portrait, but a nice caricature for a tornado. How does Charles Bronson fit into all this?!

Image 3 – Eagle from American one dollar bill

Eagle in tornado

These next two images are taken from a second video, viewable at:

Far more relevant than Charles Bronson, the Great Seal of the United States makes an appearance – or, at least, the eagle from it. In the BBC video, you can clearly see the eye, the beak and the shape of the head.

This eagle appears on the famously symbol-laden one dollar bill. Although attention is often focused on the notorious ‘eye in the pyramid’, a masonic symbol, the eagle is also interesting. In the new presidential seal (as found on the one dollar bill), its head is turned towards the olive branch in its right talon; in the old presidential seal (as found on the President’s desk), the eagle’s head is turned towards the bundle of arrows in its left talon – that’s the way it’s facing in the tornado too. A message about US foreign policy?

Read all about the one dollar bill and the eagle here.

Image 3 – Long Cat

Long cat in tornado

In case you aren’t aware, ‘Long Cat’ was a huge internet meme that began with pictures of…well, long cats…and eventually began to develop its own mythological system, in which a character known as ‘Ceiling Cat’ was likened to God. In the picture above, Ceiling Cat is depicted on the right, with arch-nemesis ‘Basement Cat’ facing it on the left – a picture that is taken by the United States eagle in the tornado picture. A coincidence?

Read more about the Long Cat and Ceiling Cat memes.

How? Why?

Images in tornado

We don’t want to make light of the horrendous destruction America is suffering at the moment. But these mysterious tornado images have us genuinely fascinated. We’d be interested to hear your views in the comments, and if you find any more please link to them.

Whether you try to explain such phenomena with superstition or religion, science or maths, the world sometimes seems more amazing for the things we don’t understand.

To the American’s afflicted by these storms, our thoughts are with you.

Click here to donate to the American Red Cross.

See more tornado videos from the fearless storm chasers at

See the Huffington Post for unbelievable photos of the devastation.

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honestly, all these signs are quite horrific. Am not so sure of the connections of those pictures, but all i see is disaster. Nothin from all images represents good will… If only i could have the video and check it out real close…