Abandoned island: central New York

New York City is one of the most populated places on earth with nearly 8.3 million cramming themselves into the city’s boundaries. But there is a place where the real estate market has never really taken off; in between the Bronx and Riker Island, in the East River is a place so desolate even the local bird population have flown the roost, so remote that contagious patients were left their until they were overcome by their own malaise, so strange it simply had to be featured on amazing stuff: North Brother Island. The island’s history is as spooky as the buildings that have been left behind: once a small pox hospital, medical quarantine and latterly a drug rehabilitation unit, Northern Brother Island and the neighboring island Southern Brother, are now desolate landscapes where nature has taken control where man once roamed.

Brother island 1

Brother Island 2

These incredible photos were taken by Victav and posted to image sharing side imgur. The file has been viewed countless time since it was uploaded four months ago. You can see the rest of the imgur series by clicking here.

Brother Island 3

Brother ISland 4

Brother Island 5

According to Wikipedia, the island was first inhabited around 1850 when it was used to isolate victims of quarantinable diseases. Typhoid Mary, the first person identified as a asymptomatic carrier of the disease, was housed on the island for twenty years until her death in 1938. After the war, the island housed veterans and some students from the local colleges, but the houses were abandoned, and left to rot. A facility was built in the 1950s and was used as a drug rehabilitation centre. Due to staff infighting and corruption, it closed in the 1960s and has remained unused ever since.

Brother ISland 6

Brother Island 7

Brother Island 8

Brother Island 9

Brother Island 10

Brother Island 11

Brother Island 12

Brother Island 13

Brother Island 14

The photo’s author, Victav, warned people off attempting to board the island – he had explaining the busyness of the river crossing, proximity to a prison, power plant, airport, water treatment facility, and Manhattan means the island is well patrolled by NYPD and coast guard. Trespassers beware!

Brother ISland 15

Brother Island 16

Brother Island 17

All pics via Victav

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