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The beautiful city of Vienna is full of cultural and historical treasures; its city centre is so impressive, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001. In 1894, the Viennese authorities decided to invest in large scale gas and electric utilities to power the city. As a result, four 90,000 m³ gas storage tanks were built over a period of three years.

Over time, and as power provisions moved from coal gas to natural gas, the gasometers were made redundant, and closed in 1984. After spurious usage as a film set and a rave venue, Vienna embarked on a renovation project and requested design submissions for the tanks. In 1999, four architects were commissioned, one for each tank, and the renovation was completed in 2001. The result is amazing.

Each gasometer is split into levels or “zones” which include entertainment and shopping malls on the ground floor, offices on the middles floors, and apartments at the top. The four gasometers are connected by skybridges at the shopping levels.

There is a 12 screen cinema, a 4,200 seater arena, 11,000 square metres of office space, 615 apartments and a 230 person student dormitory.

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