Amazing musical roads

Driving can be boring; often dangerous. Especially if you are on a long road with questionable radio reception and no human company. Singing is the obvious answer: belting out a power ballad in the safety of a metal cocoon is my choice of wake-upism. But what happens when your road less travelled starts to sing to you? Either you need to pull over for an espresso, or you may be travelling on one of the musical roads that are popping up around the world.

This section of the Subaru highway leading up to Mount Fuji have rumble strips in the middle of the road that have been spaced at certain intervals to play a song. “Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo” by Kyu Sakamoto sounds when the wheels pass over the grooves in the road and uses the same process of tactile vibration that alerts drivers when they stray from their driving line.

While these roads are undoubtedly fantastic tourist attractions, this ‘singing’ road in South Korea has a serious safety message at its heart.

This road in Lancaster, California covers a stretch between 60th and 70th Street West. The tune is the finale for the William Tell Overture. The road, affectionately known as the “Lone Ranger Highway” was made for this 2009 Honda advert.

Vids via ABC news, Honda and ITN News

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