Amazing one second films

Ok, so they don’t last one second, in fact a lot longer. But these are collections of one second clips are cropping up all over cyberspace, and seem to be the new way of showing people where you are and how much fun you are having.

This film, funded by STA Australia, covers a 44 day trip through 11 countries, over 38,000 miles, but just the one exploding volcano.

The film below was created by Madeline from LA, who, in her New Year resolution to live each day to the fullest, set out to document every day in 2011 using her Canon Powershot.Each day lasts a little over a second.

2011 from hey_rabbit on Vimeo.

The great advantage (or enormous disadvantage depending on your position) of this sort of media is it can be used to condense even the most epic of journeys into bite-sized videos. Take a look at this lazy stroll across the USA…

Vids via STA Australia, hey_rabbit and walkUSA

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