Grüner See

Are you one of the many people on this planet to have watched those beautiful wingsuit videos and longed for that feeling of soaring over alpine meadows, chin-scrapingly close to the ground, yet felt embarrassingly held back by the plain and simple fear of death? If so, Grüner See is the place for you

Gruner See

Grüner See (Green Lake) is a lake in Austria, near the town of Tragöß. In the winter months, this lake is much like any other picturesque, emerald green lake in the Austrian alps, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. But in the springtime all that snow melts and fills the surrounding alpine meadow with crystal-clear Evian water, over 10 metres deep, so you can glide around it in total safety. Just don a diving suit or hold your breath.

Gruner See 1

Gruner See 2

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You may not be gliding at 155 miles per hour, but at this more leisurely pace you will get a chance to see fish swimming through the branches of trees and a seabed covered in flowers. Have a seat, relax, take your time.

Gruner See 6

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