Lion’s Back, Utah

Lions Back, Utah (landscape)

The ‘Lion’s Back’ is a lovely piece of rock near the city of Moab in the US state of Utah. Unlike nearby ‘Potato Salad Hill‘, you can see why the Lion’s Back got it’s name. However, it is not merely for this resemblance that it has found its way onto the hallowed pages of Amazing Stuff. What makes this precipice truly amazing is that people like to drive up it. And back down.

Lions back, Utah

Lions Back 4x4

The climb is several hundred feet up the slope with a gradient of up to 65 degrees in places, and then the world’s most precarious 3-point turn at the top of the rock before the hair-raising descent. As the tyre tracks on the rock show, plenty off-roaders have proved their insanity here.

Here’s a Land Rover going up it:

And how it looks if you’re inside when it comes down (and don’t pass out):

The sick freaks among you will be desperate for some crash footage from this place of natural beauty, and Amazing Stuff will not disappoint. Here’s what happens when the brakes fail (Wikipedia says nobody was hurt. Hope they’re right!):

Pics from omg epic and Ruxton Noble

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