Miniature world

Travelling to amazing places is great, but why do they all have to be so far away? Friends, don’t worry about answering that question, because there is no need: some people in Hamburg have created a working model of (nearly) the entire world, known as Miniatur Wunderland. This new version of the world covers an easily navigable area of just 1,300 square metres, and what’s more it is all amazing. You will just have to go to Hamburg.

Miniature Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland proudly claims to be the world’s largest model railway, but that title seems a little modest given that it incorporates a working airport, “cruisin” (1:03) ships and nearly 9,000 cars. In addition there are innumerable cameo scenes that bring the model to life, such as radar traps for speeding cars, arson, and people having sex in a visitor-operated rocking van.

Miniature world

What we really love is that the detail to some of the scenes makes them barely distinguishable from the scenes of the real world filmed in that amazing tilt-shift video we featured a while back. The made-up, miniature city of Knuffingen is so real even has its own website, while Miwula TV reports events that happen in miniature world!

Miniature airport

But it is sheer scale and technical feat of this miniature world that makes it so amazing. The model incorporates 335,000 lights for when the fake night descends; it is powered by 46 computers, and takes 230 staff to run it. Conceived in 2000, it has thus far taken 580,000 work hours to build, but its creators, twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun, plan to continue construction until 2020, by which time the model will have almost doubled in size.

And the cost to build The World 2.0? A mere 12 million Euros, so far…

Miniature Grand Canyon

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