Rishi Sowa’s amazing floating island

Rishi Sowa is not your typical artist, musician, environmentalist, inventor and educator. He is the creator of the world’s first man-made sustainable island. Located off the coast of Mexico, Rishi’s island is made out of a network of recycled materials including wooden pallets, carpeting and plastic bottles, 100,000 of which provides the island’s buoyancy.

Located in a protective lagoon, the island, named Joysexee, boasts a three-tiered house, solar powered electricity, mangroves, a variety of fruit trees and a 360 degree beach! Rishi gives guided tours of his island home to generate income to maintain and develop Joysexee while highlighting the devastating impact plastic waste can have on the environment.

Ulitimately, Rishi would like the island to be a floating school which would travel around the world educating people about the environmental dangers of waste disposal. With such a unique habitat, it’s not surprising Rishi has been featured by MTV Extreme Cribs, the Discovery Channel and Ripley’s believe it or not – see below.

Rishi’s project is continuous and and therefore in need of constant support and funds. For more information and to show your support, please visit

Info and Pics via Rishi Sowa

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