The Minister’s Treehouse

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We’ve featured some amazing treehouses before, but this is on another level. In fact, it’s on another 10 levels. At 30 metres tall, built around a white oak of 3.6 metres in diameter (along with six other trees), The Minister’s Treehouse is the largest treehouse in the world. And God told him to build it.

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In 1993, Horace Burgess was approached by the Lord, and the Lord said, “If you build me a treehouse, I’ll see you never run out of material.” So it was that the 56-year-old minister and landscape gardener began to collect salvaged materials and piece them together in a wood in Crossville, Tennessee (USA), without any architectural plans whatsoever. He never really did run out of material.

World's biggest treehouse

After over a decade of improvised construction, $12,000 and 258,000 nails, The Minister’s Treehouse was eventually complete. It contains around 80 rooms, one of which functions as a chapel, complete with an indoor basketball net (also required by God?). Burgess welcomes all to his house and is visited by hundreds of tourists every week.

Minister's treehouse, Tennessee

At the peak of this incredible structure is a fully functioning bell tower with bells improvised from oxygen canisters which chime daily. The Minister has also created a pretty nice view for those who venture up there. I think God will be satisfied now.

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