This week, thousands of students will pack their belongings into the family car, bid a teary goodbye to their parents and embark upon a journey of self-realisation, academia and intoxication as they begin life as a university student. For many, the fabric of being a student is the abject squalor and destitution of their living conditions: the crusty walls, thin mattresses and peculiar odors of communal halls. Not so for those lucky enough to study at the University of Copenhagen.

Tietgenkollegiet, or Tietgen Student Halls in English, is a 288,000 square foot, 7 story palace boasting 360 rooms, all facing outwards, thanks to the building’s circular space (a symbol of its equality and communal nature).

Not only is the multi-award winning design, by master-architects Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, beautiful to look at, it is also environmentally friendly with all rooms fitted with energy-efficient floor heating and their own showers and toilets. There are 30 kitchens in the building, each of which has four fridges and two stoves, a ground floor packed with common facilities, including a bike room, two music rooms, a gym, a computer room, a study room, an assembly hall, and an outdoor area for basketball and other sports; and three workshops: a sewing workshop, a bike workshop, and a wood workshop.

“The principle inspiration for the project is the meeting of the collective and the individual, a characteristic inherent to the dormitory building type.” – Lundgaard & Tranberg

If you like this you’ll love the amazing city within a city.

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