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At Amazing Stuff, we like a good race, so we have decided to compile a selection of the world’s most amazing races. First into the Hall of Fame is the Vogalonga.

The British love a good river race. Henley Regatta, Sir Steve Redgrave and the Oxbridge Boat Race are all national treasures. But the pomp and circumstance of these events are drops in the Adriatic in comparison to the Vogalonga.

Ever since Lord Byron swam from Lido to Venice in 1818, Venetians are continually looking for new ways to showcase their incredible waterways. The 30km Vogalonga course takes the participants by several islands of the Lagoon, including Torcello, Burano and Murano, and re-enters the city, via the Cannaregio, the Fish Market and the Rialto, and finishes at the southern end of the Grand Canal. About 300 crews from all over Europe row different types of boats, including Dragon boats and canoes, from single rowers to 16 rowers in one boat, and of course, one or two gondolas. With this many participants, jams, crashes and chaos are commonplace.

The first Vogalonga in 1974 was staged as a protest against use of powerboats in Venice and the swell damage they do to the historic city. The man-power only rule is the essence of today’s Vogalonga, although both professional and amateur rowers are allowed to take part. Vogalonga is also one of the worlds greenest races with participants and spectators asked to offset the carbon footprints created by travelling to Venice.

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