Amazing bike video

Street trials supremo Danny MacAskill performs a cross between parkour, ballet and magic. On a bike.

Also known as Danny MegaSkill, the Scotsman rocketed to fame when a 5 minute video of him playing on his bike (filmed by his flatmate) ended up with over 22 million views! (Watch that one here, if you want to see a vertical-tree-ride-to-back-flip.)

This time round he’s been sponsored by Red Bull to showcase some more amazing stunts on a trip from his base in Edinburgh to his family home on the Isle of Skye, managing to spend at least half of the time in the air.

But when off the bike Danny is keeping his feet firmly on the ground, declining invitations to appear on American and British talk shows: “I am not too fussed about making money. I just want to ride my bike every day and see a bit more of the world.”

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jack says:

can i just say that i showed sum1 this vid