Amazing night surfing

Through my window I can see frost glinting off car roofs, a frigid pigeon pecking at a frozen puddle, and Damoclean icicles hanging from gutters. In the bleak midwinter, I often find solace in the knowledge that our cousins in Australia as basking in balmy temperatures, and creating amazing stuff like this.

These surfers in Australia decided to mark the official start of Summer with a quick paddle off Bondi Beach. Twinned with Strongbow, and their specially made neon suits and boards, the results were truly amazing.

Taking things even further is Bruce Irons, who strapped a flare to the back of his board while sunset surfing in Indonesia.

You needn’t look too far into our archives to discover AmazingStuff’s fascination with illumination: Michael Bosanko, bioluminescent bays, UV tattoos, and most recently, a full light festival, have all managed to harness the mesmeric power of light in the dark.

Vids via ABC News and Strongbow
Pics via Lacrosse Playground
Thanks to Georgie Lewin for the tip.

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