Amazing Race 6: Devotos de Monserrate

Devotos de Monserrate

At 3,152m above sea level, the sacred mountain of Monserrate towers over Colombia’s capital city, Bogota. You’d think that descending its 1,034 steps could take a while… but not if you are careering down them at bone-shattering speed on a downhill mountain bike. In that case it takes about five minutes. And this is what it feels like:

Red Bull’s Devotos de Monserrate downhill race holds the world record for both the number of steps in a mountain bike race and the longest track (2.2 km). In 2012 it was won by Slovakian Filip Polc (4:26), closely followed by local rider Marcelo Gutiérrez (4:27), whose descent is featured in the video above.

Devotos de Monserrate 3

Although Polc conquered Devotos de Monserrate, he describes the course as “really tough”. The course is so bumpy, he recalls, “you can’t feel your hands. You don’t know if you’re braking or what you’re doing.”

Devotos de Monserrate 2

Listen to Polc’s commentary on his own descent here.
Pics via Red Bull

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