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If you look far enough back through the pages of Amazing Stuff, you’ll come to our first ever post, with the no-nonsense title, ‘Amazing bike video’. The hero of that video, Danny MacAskill, this summer appeared alongside various other amazing personages in Concrete Circus, a fantastic documentary about street sports shown on UK’s Channel 4. The programme also showcased the balletic skateboarding of Killian Martin.

Killian Martin, A Skate Illustration

Killian has already hit the big time twice before on the web, starring in the amazing videos “A Skate Escalation” and “A Skate Regeneration“, and he has been hailed as the most exciting talent in the world of skateboarding. Although his freestyle approach is closer to the roots of the sport, it brings a freshness to a scene that is now almost entirely dominated by street style. Killian creates his own rules, and skates like he is dancing.

When you ally Killian’s artful style with the beautiful shots of filmmaker Brett Novak it makes you wonder: Is this sport after all? Or is it art? Or is it just something amazing, without a name?

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the full-length Concrete Circus for free on Channel 4 OD for further investigation of this amazing, nameless thing. In case you’re not, here’s a clip of all the stars ripping up London’s Barbican Theatre:

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