Amazing wingsuit video

First, there was jumping out of a plane. That was crazy. Then there was base jumping off a cliff or a building. That was preposterous. Now, there is jumping off a cliff wearing a wingsuit and flying for several minutes, passing through narrow gorges, swooshing past trees and grazing your chin off the ground (nearly). That is amazing stuff! That is… Superman!

This is the sport of wingsuit flying, or more specifically WiSBASE (wingsuit base jumping). Bored of simply jumping off a cliff and flying, wingsuit daredevils these days go in more for proximity flying, meaning that they try to get as close to dying as they can, without actually doing it.

Wingsuit flyers can get some serious airtime. A few months ago, Japanese wingsuit pilot Shin Ito set a world record, flying the horizontal distance of 10.19 miles (16.4 km). He flew for 4 minutes and 57 seconds, reaching a speed of 177.7 mph (286 km/h).

This amazing video is composed of footage taken during testing of Phoenix Fly‘s ‘Vampire’ suit in Europe.

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