Azizulhasni Awang, amazing commitment

Azizulhasni Awang is one of Malaysia’s most successful cyclists and one of their best medal hopes for the London Olympics in 2012. Known as the “pocket rocket” due to his small frame and speed, Awang’s tenacity and bravery were put to the test over the weekend during the UCI World Cup cycling event in Manchester, England. During the dramatic last lap of the medal deciding Kerin Race, Awang and three other competitors were involved in a high speed crash. Showing amazing determination, the Malaysian managed to remount his bike and limp over the line to finish in bronze medal position. It was at this stage the full extent of his injuries became clear. An 8 inch wooden splinter, broken from the Velodrome track during the crash, had pierced his left calf. These pictures and video show the damage to the 23 year old’s leg. Those with a squeamish disposition may wish to avert their eyes.

Awang missed his opportunity to stand on the podium as he was en route to hospital to have the object removed. Amazingly, the splinter avoided all major veins and arteries and will cause no lasting damage. He has been advised to rest for two weeks before resuming training.

Splinter injuries are not uncommon in track cycling. In 1996, British sprinter Jason Quealley was pierced in the torso with a splinter from a track in Edinburgh.

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