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Espen Fadnes

The man in the squirrel suit is Espen Fadnes, one of the growing number of Norwegians committed to hurling themselves into fjords to see if they can fly. And the surprising conclusion is, yes, they mostly can. But Espen Fadnes can fly better than most. With 11 years experience and over 1,000 jumps behind him, Fadnes was crowned the fastest flying human at the 2010 World Base Championships. Lucky for us, he has created two amazing videos that give some unique insight into everything that this nascent sport involves, as well as some of the most spectacular footage of wingsuit flying on the web.

The first video, Sense of Flying, was posted online last year and has been viewed 2.6 million times. Watch in glorious fullscreen HD and witness Espen launch himself well over a vertical kilometre towards a glistening, terribly cold lake, reaching speeds of 155mph. And be reassured that if you haven’t got the guts to do this yourself, it basically just feels like it does in your dreams.

The second video from September this year, Split of a Second, deserves far more than its 538,000 views (so share this post around!). Learn more about Espen’s mentality and what motivates him to engage in regular casino games with the Grim Reaper.

But in that moment, when pushing off to jump, I never think about what’s coming next. The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. There’s only now.
– Espen Fadnes

Maybe that’s why.

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