Danny MacAskill’s ‘Imaginate’

We can always trust internet trials-riding superstar Danny MacAskill to come up with some amazing stuff, and when he’s been working on the same seven-minute video for the past two years with Red Bull, you know it’s going to be something special. Imaginate sees MacAskill riding around a giant version of his childhood bedroom, pulling off tricks that defy all possibility: a full 360 loop-the-loop, numerous front and back flip variations, and a front flip bouncing onto a giant rubber ball then straight onto a train track balance.

“The ball front flip to the train tracks took about 250 takes,” MacAskill said. “It was a lot harder on the cameraman than on me! He was having to run up and down with a steady cam. “We worked out he ran about six kilometres in about two hours. I was dizzy by the end.”

Imaginate, front flip

MacAskill/Red Bull’s first collaboration, Way Back Home, was the first ever video featured on Amazing Stuff with the natural title ‘Amazing Bike Video’. MacAskill has since featured as part of the amazing Red Bull Kluge giant Rube Goldberg machine and tearing up the streets of San Francisco. Stay tuned to see what this genius of sporting creativity comes up with next…

Imaginate, ball flip

(And yes, that’s a real tank he’s driving.)

For behind the scenes footage, check out the Imaginate website

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