Göran Kropp Everest mission

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Climbing Everest is pretty amazing thing to do under any circumstances, but Göran Kropp was not content with ‘any circumstances’. The Swedish mountaineer was looking for a real challenge. So he decided to first cycle the 12,000km to get there.

Goran Kropp Everest

The Kickass Trips article reports:

In October of 1995, Kropp set out from Sweden on a specially-designed bicycle with 108 kg (240 lb) of gear and food. Over the next four months he cycled across Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. He finally arrived at Everest Base Camp in April 1996.

As Kropp recounts in his book, Ultimate High, along the way he had been shot at, pelted with rocks and offered the daughter of a Hungarian brothel owner (for free). But the life-long adventurer wasn’t finished yet. He still had to climb the highest mountain in the world. Naturally, he chose to do it alone. And without oxygen.

Everest base camp

In a cruel twist of fate, Kropp’s Everest mission coincided with a devastating storm that killed eight people on the mountain – the 1996 Everest disaster marked the peak’s deadliest ever season. However, as the storm tore across the mountain, Kropp was in the relative safety of base camp recovering from his first summit attempt (which he had aborted to avoid descending in the dark). He was able to help with rescue efforts and ferrying medical supplies up the mountain. (Dr. Kenneth Kamler’s talk on YouTube paints a harrowing picture of what happened on the mountain that day.)

Three weeks later, Kropp summitted successfully, with no sherpa and no oxygen, and got to see panorama of all panoramas.

Three weeks after that, he rode back home to Sweden.

My good Lord, that is amazing.

Goran Kropp

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