Blindfolded limbo skating child

He might well be the first limbo skater you’ve ever witnessed, but he is no ordinary limbo skater. Aniket Chindak holds the limbo skating world record for skating under 82 cars in 53 seconds.

Of course, he also skates under cars blindfolded.

The curious thing is that two other other notable limbo skaters also hail from Aniket’s home town: Abhishek Navale (world record holder for longest backwards limbo skate) and Rohan Kokane (world record holder for lowest limbo skate – 5.7″). The town is also home to the Abhinandan Sadalge, world record holder for most cartwheels in a row (1,321). Belgaum, India – amazing place for a stroll on a Sunday.

With thanks to The Stioss.

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