The world of Amazing Stuff has many faces, from the creative to the determined, the surprising to the extreme. But some amazing things just creep up on you, until one day you suddenly realise, “Hang on a minute — I can actually go to the shop and buy a personal flying machine for a few thousand pounds, which I can carry around in my car and then fly at my leisure without a licence.”

Yes, you can.

Paramotoring is essentially paragliding with a big fan strapped to your back. Taking off simply involves a short trot, a rev of your hand-held throttle and you’re up and away. In most countries, as long as you stick to sparsely populated areas (preferably without too many high-voltage power lines around), you can basically fly where you want.

To give you an idea of what that might be like, we’ve selected a few choice videos of people casually paramotoring around in amazing places. Now just sit back, relax, and imagine you’re flying…

Washoe Valley, Nevada

Here’s MtnHyphee out for a bit of paramotor ‘puddle jumping’ by sunset:

Hungary, Croatia and Albania

SSzabi seems like he’s having a grand time flying over fishing boats, fairytale castles and mysterious sci-fi obelisks:

Koh Phangan, Thailand

BasoSVK partakes in the ultimate form of island hopping:

But paramotoring isn’t all about sailing through clear skies in a blissful daze. It’s also used by special forces soldiers to get into the types of awkward places they tend to frequent. One such special forces soldier, Bear Grylls, pushed the sport to the limit when he took it upon himself to fly over…


Bear Grylls Paramotoring EverestBear Grylls paramotoring over Mount Everest

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