Quadriplegic swims channel

Philippe Croizon swims channel

To swim the English channel is a physical feat like no other. Its notorious currents, winds and cold temperatures make it a unique test of endurance. To complete the crossing at all is highly commendable, to complete it without arms or legs, is simply amazing. This is Philippe Croizon, a 42 year old Frenchman. In March 1994, while working as a steelworker, Phillippe suffered an electric shock so acute, all of his limbs needed to be amputated. During his time in hospital, Croizon watched a programme about a female channel swimmer, and decided to use swimming as part of his rehabilitation. After making good progress in the pool, he set himself a challenge- to cross the English channel in under 24 hours.  Using specially designed prosthetic limbs, Croizon spent 35 hours per week for two years, training for his cross channel attempt. On 18th September 2010, Croizon set off from Folkestone, and 14 hours later, surfaced at Cap Gris Nez.

Philippe Croizon

“I did it. I’m so happy. I can’t believe it. It’s crazy,” he said after swimming the 21 miles from England to the French coast.

Not one to be branded a one-trick pony, Croizon has also also completed a parachute jump, and written a book, J’ai décidé de vivre (I decide to live) . “I am doing this above all for myself, but also to set an example. I want to show people who suffer that this is do-able, that you always have to fight.”

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