Red Bull Kluge

Red Bull Kluge

Recently on Amazing Videos, you may have been amazed by the Red Bull Human-Powered Freerunning Machine. This was a Rube Goldberg machine on an unprecedented scale, featuring Red Bull’s parkour stars narrowly escaping a sponsored crushing by freight container dominoes.

The money-is-no-object marketers at Red Bull’s world domination lab must have enjoyed themselves making that, for they have already created an even better one. Constructed in an empty military hanger over a period of 17 days and featuring a top lineup of extreme sports stars, it is like all the most amazing videos you’ve ever seen mixed into one. They call it the “Kluge”.

The Red Bull Kluge was created in conjunction with a number of amazing people. We’re already well acquainted with Scottish street trials supremo Danny Macaskill, but you are perhaps yet to meet motorcross legend Robbie Maddisson, who is rightly nicknamed Maddo. Here he is jumping an absurd distance over a canal in Greece:

The entire Kluge was created by Adam Sadowsky of Los Angeles-based Syyn Labs IHe defines it a Kluge “the use of technology to demonstrate scientific principals in an artful way.” In the case of the Red Bull Kluge, it also features an abundance of mind-blowing stunts for good measure. But even without the stunts, Sadowsky can create something pretty spectacular. His last great Kluge, with amazing band OK Go has so far racked up 37 million views:

For more about the Kluge, visit the site:

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