The Amazing Rollerman

This is Jean Yves Blondeau, also known as Rollerman. He is a French designer, best known for creating the buggy suit, a 31 wheel suit which allows the wearer to ride in a variety of positions including on one’s back, front and all fours. The suit has the capacity to travel up to 90 mph. The buggy suit was initially developed as Blondeau’s graduation project from the infamous Olivier de Serres design school in Paris. This video was captured on an alpine road in Switzerland. Blondeau reaches approximately 60 mph on this run, but he has been known to outrun a 600 cc motorbike. The design has gone through six generations of modification, some of the most sophisticated enhancements can be seen in the ending credits of the 2008 Jim Carey film, Yes Man.

If the idea of wingsuit flying doesn’t take your fancy, and keeping at least a small part of your body on the ground is the requisite for your extreme sports, perhaps the buggy suit is the one for you!

You can see further amazing buggy rolling videos on buggy rollin’s youtube channel

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