As the rise of urban sports like parkour, extreme biking and freestyle workouts continues at breakneck speed, new spin-offs are also popping up. ‘Tricking’ is one such amazing urban sport that has come to the fore in 2012. Developed in various forms over twenty years but popularised virtually overnight through viral videos, its combination of simplicity and risk is converting ranks of would-have-been BMXers and skaters into fearless flippers.

Tricking has a multitude of influences, from traditional martial arts such as jujitsu, karate and taekwondo, to modern urban sports like break-dancing and parkour, via a good measure of capoeira and gymnastics. The precision, strength and agility needed to combine twists, flips, tumbled kicks and springs gives tricking a unique blend of martial artistry and performance art. The following video takes you through a brief history of tricking and contains interviews with some of the sport’s leading lights.

Like parkour, one of the main appeals of tricking is the ability to compete anywhere, record and publicise to the world as the following video shows.

What’s not to like: an exhibition of human physical and artistic potential, popularised through an online movement? Amazing stuff, we say. Search youtube #tricking for hours of slack-jawed moments.

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