Troy Polamalu’s amazing hair

After the dust settles from Superbowl XXV at the weekend, the analysis and gloating can begin. This year, no wardrobe malfunctions, but, Christina Aguilera fluffed the lines of the American national anthem and the Green Bay Packers ran out 31-25 victors against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Troy Polamalu, one of the stars of the Steelers team, had an off day last Sunday. Polamalu, who was awarded the Associated Press’ defensive player of the year award, has been accused of spending too much time concentrating on his endorsements, and not on his game. After missing a few important tackles, the critics will be out again.

Polamalu grew his amazing hair out of respect for his ancestors. He is sponsored by P&G’s Head and Shoulders shampoo and has his hair insured by Lloyds of London for $1 million. The Samoan born defender has not cut his hair since 2000, even though he was prevented from scoring a touchdown in 2006 by being hauled down by his hair just short of the line!

Other notable anatomical insurances include Christiano Ronaldo’s legs, insured for $144 million; Dolly Parton’s breasts for $600,000; and food critic Egon Ronay’s taste buds for £250,000.

Pics via Mojo Hoops’ Blog

Video via slong31390

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