Wall trampolining

Wall trampolining

What do you get when you blend parkour with a trampoline? The birth of the world’s newest and most exciting extreme sport. The concept is simple: take the tricks, the athleticism and the power of freerunning, and supercharge it using an elasticated mat; the execution however, is far more complicated.

Canadian Oli Lemieux is an acrobat and trampoline artist with Cirque du Soleil, and godfather of wall trampolining having championed the form for the world-famous circus group. Where he started, others have continued seeking the hang time and the effortless displays shown here.

While it helps to be a world class gymnast, these videos show how traditional sports are morphing to create new sports and engage more extreme audiences. Who knows, wild bull polo or bungy jump apple bobbing could be just around the corner…

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Vids via CBS and Oli Lemieux

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