Amazing race 5 – International Submarine Races

If you, like me, happen to have a fixation for creating fast human powered submarines, but have no forum to exhibit your passion, allow Amazing Stuff to come to your rescue. Introducing the International Submarine Races:

Scubster (above) was designed fro this year’s race which took place in July. The craft can reach speeds of 6 mph.

Held every two years in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, teams are invited to design, construct and race human powered submarines over a 100 metre underwater course. The below video is a summary of the 2009 races.

Each team must develop a one or two-person “Wet” submarine. Two-person subs must have one person providing the propulsion and the other navigating and steering. Both crew members breathe SCUBA from the air supply carried aboard. Each sub is unique, designed from “scratch,” and relies upon novel techniques for propulsion and guidance.

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