Amazing shuttle launch from airplane

Neil Monday, a 25-year old software developer from Richmond, Virginia, was flying home on a delayed flight for his elder brother’s wedding when the flight happened upon the launch of the shuttle Discovery on its final mission to the International Space Station. The footage, taken on Neil’s iPhone, shows the initial burst of light as the shuttle takes off, and follows until the shuttle exits the earth’s atmosphere. The launch was the 27 year old shuttle’s 39th and NASA’s 133rd shuttle mission over all.

Listen carefully and you can hear some bonus improvised comedy from the cabin announcer: ‘Folks, the space shuttle is going off the right side of the aircraft right now.

‘Those of you on the right side of the aircraft, you can see the space shuttle.

‘People on the left side of the aircraft, you can probably see people on the right side of the aircraft looking at the space shuttle.’

Since the video was posted on February 24th, it has been seen over 3.5 million times.

Pics via Daily Mail Online

Vid via Neil Monday

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