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What would it take to to make you buy a mobile phone? A good tariff? Camera? How about the ability to make the world’s smallest stop-motion animation film? That’s what Nokia, the makers of the N8 have done. With the help of the team behind Wallace and Gromit, the phone’s impressive image capture ability and the Cellscope – essentially a microscope for cellphones – this amazing film was created.

In the 90 second film, 9mm Dot wakes up in a magnified world which is being destroyed – imagine the advancing wall of spikes in the early platform games. Dot then runs away from the destruction by jumping over pins, spinning coins and leaves as well as hitching a ride on the back of a bee, all before grabbing a pair of nails and using them as knitting needles to make a blanket. Creating a mere four seconds of footage per day, the team worked with fifty versions of Dot to create the film.

Stop motion has taken the world by storm and the internet is crammed with incredible SM footage. One of the most impressive examples is a music video for Oren Lavie’s song, Her Morning Elegance. With a staggering 18 million hits, this video was one of 2010’s most popular artistic videos.

Vids via Nokia

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