Flying cars

We wait our entire lives for the arrival of the flying car, then two come along at once! Dutch and US developers have showcased prototypes for what they say will be the future of commuting.

From Holland comes the Personal Air and Land Vehicle, or PAL-V, which boasts a range of 315 miles and speeds of up to 110 mph. Co-founder and CEO of Pal-V Europe, Robert Dingemanse, says the vehicle drives like a sports car, and yet can traverse mountains. ‘If you want to fly over a mountain, water, or a traffic jam, all these things are possible now,’ claims Dingemanse. Those pesky Dutch mountains…

So, how does the competition stack up? Here is Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia’s submission, the Transition:

Dubbed the ‘next step in practical aviation’, the Transition will set you back a cool $276,000, not to mention the ‘short’ 160 metre runway you will need to build, and of course, an individual pilot’s license.

Both companies recently unveiled their machines at the New York Autoshow, and are now looking for investors to reduce costs and deliver these craft to the mass market. So, move over Wright Brothers, Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown and George & Jane Jetson, the future is here, and coming to a garage near you.

Pics and vids via Terrafugia and PAL-V

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