Hologram catwalk show

To mark the opening of their new flagship store in Beijing, top British fashion label Burberry put on quite a show earlier this week. But this was no normal fashion parade. The audience were treated not only to a searing live performance by Keane, but also, amazingly, exploding catwalk models.

It’s okay – they were holograms.

Yes, Amazing Stuff brings you yet another example of the future invading the present. Orchestrated by Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey, the show at Beijing’s Television Centre employed Musion Eyeliner 3D holographic technology to project clones alongside real human models. The cutting-edge system does require a special screen – so we’re not 100% James Bond yet – but, all the same, it creates projections so realistic that audiences can hardly believe they’re not looking at flesh and blood.

Earlier this year the Black Eyed Peas used the technology to replace two of their members with holograms. See if you can guess which ones – then watch the video all the way to the end!

First video via Digital Buzz Blog
Second video via Musion

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