Invisible car

The human imagination has been occupied with the idea of invisibility throughout history, from the Greek God Hades’ invisibility hat, to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Accordingly, it is our duty to keep lovers of amazing stuff informed about any development in this arena, especially when it is one that about 6.83 billion people still don’t know about.

Invisible car

Our journey into the invisible, which began with Liu Bolin the invisible artist, continues now with this amazing invisible car by Mercedes.

Invisible car 2

To promote the environmental ‘invisibility’ of the zero-emission, hydrogen-fuelled Mercedes F-Cell, ad agency Jung von Matt covered the car in LED sheets which would display a live video image whatever was behind the car, as filmed by a camera attached to the other side.

Invisible car 3

The invisible car then went on a tour of Hamburg, somehow drawing the stares of passers-by as it’s illusorily translucent form glided through the streets. It seems that making something invisible is a sure fire way to attract attention!

Invisible car 4

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