Kinect-powered skateboard

The Xbox Kinect is a fairly amazing invention, but obviously there is only so much fun you can have waving your arms around in your living room. That’s why the people at Chaotic Labs decided to strap a Kinect to a 32 mph, all-terrain longboard. Now you’re talking…

Board of awesomeness

The Board of Awesomeness is, as we prefer to say, quite amazing. The Kinect acts as a control interface, allowing the rider to speed up and slow down by simply pushing their hands forward or pulling them back. The brains of the machine are contained within a voice-activated Samsung tablet, the considerable brawn provided by an 800 watt electric motor.

On the face of it, that is quite an uncomplicated setup. It makes you wonder if this Kinect skateboard is just the first of many Kinect-powered vehicles to come…

Anyone who can do this to an E-Tracer gets an Amazing Stuff fridge magnet. At least.

Kinect skateboard

Via Popular Science

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