Low tech high cred camera

There are many things that can be passed down through generations, but not many things maintain their credibility: cufflinks get lost, rings become tacky and watches break. How about a camera? This was one of the questions Elvis Halilovic posed to himself before setting up ONDU, a company which design and make beautiful, sustainable and durable pinhole cameras from wood.

Ondu camera 2

Ondu camera 3

ONDU camera 5

Ondu camera 6

ondu camera

Ondu camera1

The camera is about as low tech a you can get: direct exposure to light creates the image which is captured on a range of six different film sizes. As you can see, the camera can more than hold its own against other cameras taking beautiful pictures and stunning landscapes. Elvis explains more in the following video.

You can find out more about ONDU and Elvis’ project at Kickstarter.

All info and pics via Kickstarter

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