Mantis Hexapod robot

Some robots are cool because they’re fast, some because they’re incredibly human-like and some because they’re just terrifyingly aggressive. Admittedly, we’d all like to be seen hanging around with such machines. But for pure posing potential, there’s nothing quite like sitting in the control pod of a two-tonne, diesel-powered, hydraulic spider robot. The Mantis Hexapod, for instance.

Mantis Hexapod 1

The Mantis robot was designed and built by UK company Micromagic Systems over a period of four years. The company specialises in hexapod – six-legged – robots, but standing at 2.8 metres tall, the Mantis is somewhat larger than their usual products. Indeed, it’s the largest spider robot in the world.

Mantis Hexapod 2

According to Chief Designer Matt Denton, the six-legged design means that the machine can keep at least three legs on the ground at a time, enabling it to remain stable.

Mantis Hexapod 3

The Mantis can be driven from within the pod or controlled via wifi remote and can travel over any terrain. Basically, it’s just what you need.

See the Mantis Robot website for further details

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