MIDI Bodysuit

We’ve all been there: seven or eight drinks too many, a banging club, you’re itching to get up and dance, but you’re waiting for the right moment. Then you hear ‘that song’ coming in, and a magical synthesis begins. You close your eyes and let the ethereal pull of the dance floor take you in. You slip into a metaphysical state, and become one with the music. You pull out your best moves; the crowd gasp in astonishment. You feel as though your body controls the music; the rhythm is in your mind, and you are the conductor…

Well now, you can buy that reality in the form of the Gypsy MIDI controller. Best of all, it comes without the killer hangover!

By changing the body’s movements into commands, (much like the Kinect Skateboard) a twist of the hand becomes a thumping bass line, and a rise of the arm triggers that incredible sample. This video explains more.

Not only can the suit can be used to control any MIDI-based sound programmes, it can also be used to control lights and even lazers. A club’s entertainment system on your upper body? That’s Amazing Stuff!

Vids vis PC World and Media Art Tube

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