Science fiction is fascinated by the robotic world: Wall-E, Terminator, Transformers, Robocap, iRobot to mention a few, depict the pros and cons of a technological avatar production. For years, engineers and scientists, like those behind PETMAN have been trying to develop humanoids – robots that can look like, think like and feel like a human. Many robots like big dog are used in defense while whole production lines are now human free and rely on robots to create cars, bikes, boats and houses. But if you don’t have a spare £100,000, are not an MIT scholar, or have no links to the US military, what hope have you of a robot of your own? For $150, Romo may be your answer:

Keller Rinaudo is CEO and founder of Romotive, the company behind Romo. The device harnesses the power of your smartphone’s processor, allowing Romo to move, record and emote. “I trained Romo to see my face, so whenever I get home and turn him on, he gets happy!” said Vegas-based user Chloe, aged 8. Using the same collective intelligence philosophies as other iOS apps like Siri, Romo is continually learning. Its memory is created over time, just like human memory, and it can even learn from past mistakes.

For $150, Romo, as Rinaudo says, is a unique bridge between a “robot and a pet”; a functional, versatile and enjoyable device that you can control from your bedroom or Budapest. While we’re still a long way from an all singing and all dancing humanoid robot, Romo’s dance moves aren’t bad and his/her/its signing is user defined, so he/she/it sings as well as you do!

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