Samsung Smart Window

Does it ever frustrate you that your kitchen window is not an iPad? Well despair not, for the days of 18th century windows are finally numbered: the Samsung Smart Window is here.

Recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Smart Window is actually a transparent touchscreen that fits over existing windows, using natural light to illuminate the display by day, and in-built lights at night.

You can access various apps via widgets on the desktop — viewing recipes seems particularly useful — turn it into a TV, or keep up with what’s happening on Twitter while you’re washing the dishes. Helpfully, it’s one-way viewing so people in the street can’t read your intimate tweetings.

If you don’t even want to see the street, the Smart Window will produce Venetian blinds at the touch of a button which you can close to the desired degree, turning this normally unnoticed chore into your favourite event of the day.

Word is that these will start appearing in real houses sometime this year, price TBA.

Or if you prefer to stick to a desk for the time being, the EXOdesk might be more your thing. It’s also available this year, priced under $1,500.

Via Guardian
Thanks to Ezra for the EXOdesk tip!

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