SOCCKET ball freestyling

Amazing skills, yes. But if you watched to 2:27 you might have seen something you really weren’t expecting: this ball generates electricity. Developed by four Harvard undergraduates, the SOCCKET ball contains a small pendulum that harnesses kinetic energy when the ball is kicked. That energy is then stored for later use – just 30 minutes play can power an LED lamp for up to three hours. And it plays just like a normal football.

Soccket ball

The SOCCKET ball seems like a perfect solution to a real world problem: over 1.3 billion people live without reliable access to electricity, and they often have to resort to burning diesel, kerosene or wood for energy. Besides contributing to climate change, these fuels produce harmful fumes and pose a fire hazard – nearly 2 million people die from using them each year.

The SOCCKET ball is distributed by Unchartered Play, a social enterprise founded by Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, two of the original developers of the ball. The company aims to distribute kits containing one ball and 10 lights to schools, so one game of football can provide 10 children with light to read by. They want to fund this sustainably with sales of the ball to people in the developed world, and recently got the project off to a flying start with $92,000 of Kickstarter funding.

On the publicity front, President Obama doing some keepie-ups with the ball should help:

Soccket ball, Obama

Pre-order a SOCCKET ball here

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