Amazing water-powered jetpack

Are you troubled by your standard jetpack? Sick of hard-to-take concrete landings? Disappointed by its 30-second flight range?

You might consider the water-powered jetpack from US-based company Jetlev. It can fly you across water at a speed of 40 mph and a commanding height of 50 feet, allowing you to dominate the seas as the sci-fi pirate commander you’ve always yearned to be.

The Jetlev jetpack has been over 10 years in development since the concept was first developed by Chinese-Canadian Raymond Li. Being water-propelled, it is able to far surpass it’s few land-based brethren in terms of both safety and flight range. Use of highly-volatile jet fuels is unnecessary because the fuel is merely used to pump water up the long tube attached to the rear of the jetpack. This high volume of water is then forced down two tubes, providing enough upward thrust to lift the pilot and the jetpack. The engine and pump is housed in a unit separate from the jetpack, which floats along on the surface of the water behind the pilot. This keeps the jetpack much lighter than it would otherwise be.

The Jetlev R200 is now available for purchase for a cool $99,500 from Jetlev Technologies Inc. It might be the price of a small light aircraft, but come on: which is more amazing?

Jetlev jetpack

Video by Devin Graham
Pic from I Love New Work

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