You can probably imagine that researching and writing about the world's most amazing stuff is an entirely satisfying way to spend time. Each time you do it the world becomes a slightly more interesting place until, eventually, your brain explodes.

If this also appeals to you and you think you've got something new and amazing to write about, feel free to send us an article (either by email or using the form below).

If we think your article is right for the site, we'll publish it as a permanent part of the Amazing Stuff virtual exhibition, along with a credit link to you. We always guarantee a response to article submissions.

Some tips:

- Articles must be your own work and must not have been published elsewhere (including online)
- Take a look on the About page for some hints as to what constitutes Amazing Stuff
- Browse through a selection of our more recent features to get a feel for our writing style
- Stay fairly short and to the point, focusing primarily on the most interesting facts about your subject
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